Tattoo Parlors in Cincinnati City

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There are many steps that must be through by creating a great tattoo painting in your body. A tattoo artists need to start from imaginary inspiration and pour them on some media like drawing paper or napkin. Then they need to adjust the measurements that suit with customer’s body. In drawing their imagination, a viewer never really... more →

Cheetah Print Tattoos on Shoulder for Girls

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There are so many designs of tattoos that can be chosen including the Cheetah print tattoos on shoulder. This one tattoo design is one of many tattoo designs that you can choose before you want to get tattoos for your body. There are other design such as the tribal design, Celtic cross design, Bible verses design, and many more.... more →

Some of the Best Bible Verses for Tattoos

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Tattoos of Bible verses are very much popular among tattoo lovers. Therefore this article will give you information on some of the best Bible verses for tattoos. There are so many designs of tattoos such as tribal, cheetah print, cross, and many more. The use of Bible verses is also common among tattoo lovers. That is the reason... more →

Neosporin on Tattoos, Think More

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Are you thinking of putting Neosporin on tattoos? If you have a fresh tattoo, maybe the first thing come up to your mind is how to take care of it. Yes, tattoo aftercare seems to be the most needed thing after someone gets tattooed. Antibiotic ointment on tattoos is aimed at giving quick healing and also avoiding infection to the... more →

Best Symbolic Tattoos for Women

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symbolic tattoos fo women 1 Women who love tattoos are often looking for the design of symbolic tattoos for women. Generally speaking it is not just women, but men also tend to look for tattoos that symbolize thing instead of just some random pictures that although it will look good but it will not has any meaning on it. Aside of... more →

Some Facts on Infected Tattoo Images

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There is a possibility for those tattoo lovers to have what so called infected tattoo images on their body. Infected tattoo images are basically the condition of tattoos that are infected due to certain things. There are people who always having the fear of tattoo infection whenever they are going to have a one tattoos although it... more →

The Development of Birdman’s Tattoos and Career

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The Birdman’s tattoos have a quite long development and history since the very beginning of Chris “Birdman” Andersen’s career. The word “Birdman” is the nickname of the currentMiami Heat power forward named Christopher Claus “Chris” Andersen. He was born on July 7 1978 in Long Beach... more →
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